OnePageCRM CEO Kicks Off on UK-Wide Road Trip to Shake up Small Businesses

Michael FitzGerald, Founder and CEO of OnePageCRM has today set off on a 30-day road trip around the UK, calling on SMEs, his Customers and Politicians with a bold message—“Now more than ever, it’s time for small business in the UK to think global”.

With a tiny domestic market of just 4.7 million, Irish entrepreneurs have to wake up thinking global – turning a perceived disadvantage into an advantage. Small business in the UK need to do the same now.  A strong UK means a strong Ireland, and FitzGerald wants SMEs to lead the way.

FitzGerald says

“SMEs are the oxygen of the country, and sales are the oxygen of SMEs”.

Starting on 18th of September, FitzGerald will cover the length of breadth of the country. Famous for his problem-solving skills (on a whiteboard), he’s offering his time and expertise in return for the opportunity to learn from everyone he connects with on the route.

His home for the next month is a Knaus C-liner motorhome —one of only two models that ever came into the UK. The other one is sandwiched between Jamiroquai’s 100+ collection of supercars.

The tour’s unique hashtag, #RoundUKWithaWhiteboard, was inspired by the book Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawks, and it being said that Michael thinks best in front of a whiteboard.

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